Freezer Labels - Deep Freeze™

Freezer Labels - Deep Freeze™

Below is our range of freezer labels which we hold in stock in A4 sheets with a number of different label size options.  These labels are a paper material which is uncoated and has an acrylic emulsion adhesive specifically designed to operate at lower deep freeze temperatures.  At room temperature the adhesive performs with more like a semi-permanent bond to surfaces.  As the temperature decrease the adhesive on the labels becomes permanent and strengthens.  Next day delivery is available across the range.

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Please see below the range of sizes we offer for the deep freeze labels:

The minimum application temperature to secure the best bond to any surface is 0oC although the labels can be applied to goods already frozen.  Once applied the operating temperature range for the freezer labels is -50oC to +60oC.  For best adhesion to surfaces it is advisable to remove any ice or moisture. 

The freezer labels labels are designed to perform in deep freeze conditions and are also approved for direct food contact which are either dry or moist non fatty foods.  For other surfaces such as cardboard and plastic bags the adhesive is designed to secure a good bond to these applications.  In terms of printing compatibility the labels can be litho, laser, copier, digital and inkjet printed.