Clear Labels

Clear Labels

Below is our range of clear labels with each different type of label giving a no label look appearance.  We stock these labels in A4 sheets and they are available in a number of different sized label options.  The differences between the types of labels we supply depends on which printing method will be used with the transparent labels and whether a gloss finish is required or a more natural matt look.  Of our stock range there are two options for a gloss finish, the Gloss Clear label which is laser/copier printable and Inkjet Clear which is suitable for inkjet printing.  We also stock the Paper Translucent labels which have a clear matt finish.  Next day delivery is available across the range.

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Our Gloss Clear label range is made from a print receptive polyester film material which is compatible with laser and copier printing (both black and colour print processes).  It isn’t recommended that these labels be printed using an inkjet printer.  These labels are made from a hardy material that is both tear resistant and includes a waterproof face film.  In terms of the label adhesive these clear labels have a strong permanent clear adhesive that is suitable for long duration or rough surface applications.   

Our Inkjet Clear range is a label with a clear polyester film material and a full gloss finish.  The transparent labels have an absorbent surface which is optimised for black and even full colour photo quality images printed with an inkjet printer.  Please note these labels are not suitable for other printing methods such as laser printing.  In terms of the adhesive this is a clear strong permanent acrylic substance which can be applied to a wide range of surfaces.

Our Paper Translucent range is a semi-transparent paper material which once applied has a matt clear look to the label.  The product is designed for both laser and copier printing.  These transparent labels have a clear permanent acrylic based strong adhesive which can be applied to a wide range of surfaces.