DT22REM - Duotab™ Removable 22mm Diameter Circle

DUOTAB - 22mm diameter Double Sided Adhesive Tabs

Duotabs are a great alternative to glue dots. A small circular tab made up of a polypropylene material which has adhesive both sides of the tab.  One side has a permanent adhesive while the upper side is removable. This is what makes the Duotabs a suitable alternative to glue dots. Furthermore the tabs can easily be applied using our unique tab for handling making the product a mess free alternative to glue dots. Items applied to the Duotab can be removed without leaving any residue (Please Note: The length of time will affect the removability).  

Can be used to send samples, cards, gifts, coupons, vouchers attached to carrier letter or card.

Sheet SizeRoll
MaterialGloss Polypropylene
Label Size22mm diameter
Carriage Free Qty5
Labels per Roll1000

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